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Picture_1.pngWelcome to Room 9's classroom blog.
On our blog you will find pages from all of our wonderful students, along with news and assignments. They students will share with you their thoughts and ideas about what we are learning about in class, their stories, poems, articles and reports. They can also write about their hobbies and their own research. You may find recipes, book reviews, instructions on how to make things.... They are only restricted by their imaginations!
Blog Rules
1.  Never post anything personal.  No pictures, last names, phone numbers, addresses or birthdays.    
2.  Always use appropriate language; after all, this is still a school activity!
3.  Respect your classmates and their ideas.  Just like in class, we never put people down.  If you disagree, do so with respect and kindness.
4.  Best spellings are required.  This is not myspace!  Spell out words as correctly as you can and try to use proper punctuation. Go back and 'Edit Entry' later if you realise there is a mistake, or someone else mentions it to you.
5.  Practice, practice, practice.  For the rest of your life you will be expected to use computers.  If you are not used to it yet, that is okay!  You are allowed to make mistakes and you are allowed to ask for help.  Just keep practicing!
6. In classtime you may only write posts. Save the comment writing and the changing of screen settings for at home.

Letters to Santa

Write a 'letter' to Santa explaining how you have been a good boy or girl this year, and listing the presents you would like. (Do this by adding a comment to this post.)


PS Don't forget to show this to your parents! ;0)



Zooming in.... Buzz, buzz!

As the exhausted, sweaty children rolled back into class after a lunch hour of zipping and zooming and dashing and darting about in the playground, Bleuette made a bee-line to Miss McDonald. Miss McDonald smiled sweetly (as she always does) and wondered what it was that the curious Bleuette had hidden in the yoghurt container.

Miss McDonald may not have smiled so sweetly if she had any idea what it actually was! It had a furry back and massive eyes. It had a long pointy nose and delicate wings. It had... a decapitated head!

Bleuette said she had found the exoskeleton of a bumblebee, and that she would like to share it with the class for our minibeasts project. Miss McDonald peered over at the whiteboard to the incredibly long shopping list of activities planned for the afternoon, and as she did so she had an idea!

Not so long ago in a land not so very far away (at the office), Mr Cameron had bought a digital microscope. So the class set off on their vast journey out of the towering door, down the steep steps, and braving the scorching rays of the sun, they dashed across to the office. Ahhh! They sighed with the relief as the gentle breeze from the newly installed heatpump blew through their hair!

Finally they arrived in the Colenso Room and there it was. The microscope of all microscopes...

Ok, ok... enough of that! After looking at the bumblebee bits the children set of to look for more poor, unsuspecting victims to place under the micro scope and here is what they saw! Prepare to be amazed!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Collaborative Dance Video!!!

Here is the finished edition of the collaborative dance video we helped to create. You will see lots of classes from around New Zealand and a few others from around the world. I'm not sure that anyone involved should quit their day jobs, but I strongly believe that Room 9's was one of the best! What do you think?


Calendar art Voice Thread

Here are our Calendar Art artworks for our PTA fundraiser this year. We used a seasonal theme for our mixed media collages. Our collages included magazine cuttings, paint, pastel, coloured pencil, fabric and wool/string.


Book Week 08 Voicethread

Below is the Voicethread of our 2008 Book Week, 'Out of this world!'. Using Voicethread we will be able to add our comments about each of the images. Find your own image and explain who you dressed up as and what you did to design and make your costume. Add some comment about others' costumes too. Remember not to say people's names.


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